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Jurassic Park

Play Jurassic Park online now. This game was released by Ocean Software Ltd. in 1993 and has fantastic Arcade gameplay.

Jurassic Park description

3D-action from both first and third person in the film "Jurassic Park" by Steven Spielberg, is quite carefully related to the original.

You play as Dr. Alan Grant, and must save Tim and Lex from the t-Rex, and then to organize the evacuation of all personnel from the island (the game starts from the middle of the movie, if I may say so, the details in the original).

The game is divided into two "phases". First, it's an isometric action, and you need to find the missing children. Then begins the second escape from the island, and there is a real FPS in the style of Doom.

In my opinion, the game definitely has a lot of advantages, but the special joy it brings. Graphics good, gameplay is pretty intense (especially the second part), but sometimes the monotony gets boring. Another shortcoming is that the game is very short. So, perhaps, to recommend it only to the faithful fans of "the Park...", the rest of them go play Trespasser.

Enjoy playing Jurassic Park online, it can be played on your browser and is free.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

Jurassic Park

Ocean of America, Inc., Ocean Software Ltd.
Ocean Software Ltd.
1st-person, Bird's-eye view
Arcade, Shooter