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Jump ‘n Bump

Brainchild Design developed a Arcade game in the year 1998 called Jump 'n Bump. You can play it online now.

Jump ‘n Bump description

Beautiful "arena" platformer, a game designed for the company. Each participant takes control of one of four funny bunnies, then cute little animals get to the game screen filled with colorful platforms, slippery ice blocks, bright butterflies – in short, all that creates a joyful and pleasant atmosphere. Then, going against all instincts rabbit, players are trying to jump on each other so as to crush the opponent, and the hare, trapped under the legs of his opponent, which shatters into juicy bloody splatter, a little fitting in, beauty. And this picture is accompanied by brisk and cheerful music, not appropriate terrible ordeals that lie ahead today, the poor animals.

Due to the pronounced dissonance between the friendly graphics and the deliberate cruelty of what is happening, the game manages to cause a storm of positive emotions and a genuine delight, especially in the first minutes of acquaintance. Rabbits themselves are so good drawn and animated that to look at them without sincere emotion can, perhaps, only the most hard-hearted people. Nevertheless, good idea and wonderful visual plan is not to save Jump 'n Bump from the inevitable criticism – and how can we not be indignant when playing against computer is impossible, any other modes in the game, and variability not as a class – there is only one "arena" where you are invited to jump down to the end of the century. Of course, to play four is great, but just "content" that the game does not add, and any entertainment, even the most interesting, inevitably get bored. So anyway as the game on the fan Jump ‘n Bump not call.

Relive your old memories by playing Jump ‘n Bump free and online on your browser now.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

Jump ‘n Bump

Action, Strategy/Tactics
Brainchild Design
Brainchild Design
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Arcade, Platform