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International Soccer

Great news for all the old video game lovers, now you can play the best Sports game, International Soccer launched by Zeppelin Games Limited in the year 1994 again. Play it online now.

International Soccer description

Another football game, this time from Zeppelin Games.

To say it is not so much: formally, it is dedicated to the 1994 world Cup, but the "official" game it never is; a choice of several teams as clubs and national teams; to form teams according to your taste, each player has a set of characteristics (speed and the ability to apply better certain strokes - short passes, long, head, etc.).

Game modes are too few and there are only matches, there are several different Championships. The play weird: the selection of the ball is implemented much better pass, pass with ball down the field a few meters there is extremely difficult. To manage at a specific point in time only the player who is now closest to the ball, and control is passed automatically (and only a second later after the ball touches the ground). The AI of your team members, computer-controlled, very low (unlike the other team), which complicates the game. A very interesting feature is that the field can be seen not only the main referees, but side.

From the point of view of International Soccer graphics looks good, the figures of the players are drawn quite accurately, but still the gameplay is hard to call it entertaining because of not too good balance and control. However, if you like challenging (even artificially complicated) football game - it is worth a try.

Enjoy playing International Soccer online, it can be played on your browser and is free.


International Soccer

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