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Click here, to play the famous game In the Chips developed by Creative Software, Inc. in the year 1984 and enjoy! Remember do not get nostalgic!

In the Chips description

In the early eighties a game dedicated to the conduct of any business or the management of the state's economy (though "real", even though fictional) was a very strange sight. It was a sort of highly simplified versions of this accounting software - both in appearance and in "method of communication" with the user. Yes, to clarify – we are talking about games with mechanics more complicated than Hamurabi or Monopoly. But as time went on, changing ideas about computer entertainment, and new developments have touched on this ancient genre of "economic strategy". I do not claim that In the Chips was first of its kind, but definitely one of.

So what In the Chips is notable? His approach to the process of interaction with the "user". As this is a "simulator Kommersant", and we manage directly with the owner: here it is, by the way, is in the "fancy-ass" jeans and a green vest, surrounded by administrative buildings of the company. If you want to make any actions with respect to our assets, we have on foot to move to the relevant Department of the company and to give instructions to the employees working there. His duties these should proceed very vigorously: the developers are developing so that the hair stand on end, the plant runs at full pipeline of scoring production warehouses and advertisers slyly peek out from your Department, asking for more money for marketing. Well, after the labors can be sent home, marking thus the end of the working day.

Behind this beautiful facade is simple (this applies to its development, but not to victory over the enemy) turn-based economic strategy, telling the hard way the head of the company for the production of computer components. At the start we were given $ 100,000 to start the business and prepared the enterprise in Silicon valley. Task – for a certain number of moves (configurable in the beginning of the game) to earn more money than a competitor, which may act as a person and a computer. As you've probably guessed, the firm has four departments: development, factory, commercial, shop, for progress in each of them you will take any action: to create a product, launch it, promote market and sell. Almost all units (excluding outlets) in the course of their activities consume a certain amount of money, so the waste of resources must be approached very responsibly, in order not to remain without a penny in his pocket already on the first move.

On the competition with the rivals – she's not particularly noticeable, even dumping prices does not work (or it so invisible). Basically your success will depend on the pricing policy of the company and money invested in advertising of the product: if you see that the stock of unsold goods, either drop the price or ante up PR. And Vice versa: if the "glands" of your brand dismantled like hot cakes, and you can add a few dollars to the price tag.

This description will be finished. Verdict: highly recommended to all lovers of "virtual Commerce" - for both Pro and beginners. You will enjoy an attractive appearance and intuitive game mechanics. Alas, there is little (well, that's right very tiny) spoon of tar - not very responsive controls your alter ego: to get to the path leading to the right building, is quite difficult. Despite its apparent size, "area terrain" is very small.

Do you want to relive your memories and play In the Chips online in your browser? Play it now for free.


In the Chips

Simulation, Strategy/Tactics
Creative Software, Inc.
Creative Software, Inc.
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Managerial / Business Simulation