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Harley-Davidson: The Road to Sturgis

Mindscape, Inc. developed a Arcade game in the year 1989 called Harley-Davidson: The Road to Sturgis. You can play it online now.

Harley-Davidson: The Road to Sturgis description

Unorthodox racing, consisting of two parts, the first of which contains a minor element (but the element!) role-playing games.

Our hero – a cool American biker, who decided to go to South Dakota, to the city of Sturgis, where he held another meeting of bikers (with the tournament, of course). The first part of the game – the road to this city (actually, hence the name of the game), the second part is already part in the competition.

The journey takes ten days to ten days, riding on his iron horse. During this time we have to go through a lot of adventures for us can chase the police for speeding, we can enter some obstacle or get into an accident, collided with a car, when going over rocky terrain – may be subject to collapse; we also need to stop at a roadside towns to eat and spend the night in eateries to refuel at gas stations and buy in local shops for something to improve your bike (and if something breaks buy something already have, want to or not).

There will be conversations with local residents, even the opportunity to participate in local events (racing with gangs, for example), as well as the opportunity to help the unfortunate women on the road, which broke the machine. When we get to the venue of the competition, the game will enter the "phase" ordinary racing – however, the wonderfulness of her hasn't reduced.

The game's default third-person, but it can be changed (see the "top-rear" and "from behind"). Graphics are hand drawn and very bright, particularly pleased with the attention to detail of the interiors of the areas we go. Scenery, unfortunately, quite repetitive, but the disadvantage can not be called.

Verdict – perhaps the most unusual and in some ways the best of the old racing, attracting the attention not exotic perspectives of the review as some others, namely the presence of some inner charm and the ability to identify himself with his hero and get a taste of life the real biker of the 1980s. Great, one word and highly recommended to all who are close to the "romance of rubber and asphalt."

Do you want to relive your memories and play Harley-Davidson: The Road to Sturgis online in your browser? Play it now for free.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

Harley-Davidson: The Road to Sturgis

Racing / Driving, Simulation
Mindscape, Inc.
Incredible Technologies, Inc.
Behind view, Side view
Arcade, Vehicle Simulator