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A very interesting DOS game was released by Ediciones Manali in the year 1991. The game was called Hallowe'en. You can now play it online.

Hallowe’en description

Dear (and again, rare!) the Spanish action-platformer with a side view where we - finally! - play for monster.

Under our management is a fun red lizard with a white belly, wandering through the rocky landscape and have - including the opponents, or otherwise associated with the American holiday of Celtic origin called Halloween. Among the enemies - the witches flying on brooms, lamps Jack (that is, pumpkins carved with faces), ghosts; however, by their nature, they are not too aggressive, occasionally appear on the other side of the screen on the hero is not attacking you can kill them (our lizard has infinite ammo in the form of red balls, leakin ' from the mouth), often with one or two hits (getting points for it), but you can just try to avoid. Much more dangerous are other enemies: winding tape, suddenly appearing in front of you, and - attention - black cats, appearing as suddenly as and tape, but - for (!) you. To defeat them, not - only in time to jump and respond to the appearance of a cat is much more difficult than on the appearance of the tape, because this is simply not initially expect.

At first glance the game may seem simple - unlike many of the Spanish Princess, the hero does not die from a single touch, and has a very decent (formally) the amount of life that is on screen is presented in the form of three red hearts, gradually "decreasing" (visually) as physical contact with the enemy. The game is limited and time - above the heart are three flasks with blue liquid stock which they gradually decrease as you progress; sometimes in the air hanging flask with red liquid, which, jumping, take, and thereby for a little bit (and in a very short time) to increase the amount of blue liquid the "current" flask (in other words, to extend the passage).

Graphics - CGA only, as almost all games Ediciones Manali, but - also by tradition - all drawn very cute and high quality, let the palette is not too varied. There are even minimal special effects - for example, the lizard very funny plops down on the ground in a collision with the enemy. Overall - a pretty cute arcade game on the passage, the value of which is still not only a phenomenal rarity.

Have you ever wondered what kind of video games were played in the good old days? Try playing Hallowe’en online now and we are sure you will not stop playing again.

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