Gumboots Australia Title screen.
Title screen.

Gumboots Australia

Play online, the famous Gumboots Australia, a Adventure game, published by Reckon Software in the year 1990.

Gumboots Australia description

Gumboots – a clone of the "Carmen Sandiego", repeating her ideas in many ways, but instead of chasing criminals mission here, just focus on search activities: people whether or lost parcels need to track down - it doesn't matter.

On the screen like interface with multiple Windows, conditional, action menu, ticking clock, because we have such a hard time and... money. Now the investigator is satisfied with not only the joy of the accomplished justice, but and payouts. Moreover, if you were in the water, then you can earn money on locations, wasting time, or find the dollars in some random events. The money is needed for payment. Corny, but that is. Australia is big, and will have to travel a lot: in each city, three ways – by bus, car or plane, from the affordable to the expensive.

Ideas Gumboots work, and done it quite well, but without the vivid characters and intrigues the part of the colors, of course, lost. Apparently, for this reason, here only the CGA palette, but with the ability to change it on the fly.

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Gumboots Australia

Adventure, Educational
Reckon Software Pty Ltd
Reckon Software