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Guía Ciclismo 97

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Guía Ciclismo 97 description

If you are already familiar with the games of the Spanish company Digital Dreams Multimedia, then this can cause a slight shock, is this could create people, the bulk projects which is a simple budget entertainment?

Ciclismo Guía 97 is a comprehensive simulator of Cycling sport in which we have to assume the role of not only Manager, but also directly to the rider. However, the variety of modes allows you to try on these roles separately. As managers we have to determine the composition and tactics of team to buy gear for sportsmen, new bikes and components for them. Well, the budget for these works will need to fill up, by showing good results in the competitions in which we can either take control of one of the cyclists, or to lead the team as a whole, giving orders according to the situation and guided by tactical considerations.

Visually Ciclismo Guía 97 looks sturdy peasant, is perhaps the only budget that indicates the origin of the game. On the other hand, many oldhamers may come like large sprites displayed during the race itself. But the menu is surprisingly ergonomic and intuitive and without knowing the language (Yes, the entire game is in Spanish).

In General, if you are interested in Cycling or sport management simulators, you are addicted to the Spanish game or just collect games, Ciclismo Guía 97 for you.

Have you ever wondered what kind of video games were played in the good old days? Try playing Guía Ciclismo 97 online now and we are sure you will not stop playing again.


Guía Ciclismo 97

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