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Grand Prix Unlimited

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Grand Prix Unlimited description

Racing simulator "Formula-1" very serious and very realistic for its time. All made under license, so real as all sixteen tracks and all the teams and drivers (total number available in the game teams of five).

Before the start of the game you can just choose a team, customize your car to taste and choose the game mode – single race or championship (in the latter case, all the tracks will have to be held consecutively). Each track can be fully explored before the race in a special mode to memorize the turns and other things; the game also has different weather effects, which complicate the race. Finally, there is ample opportunity to monitor the review of the car (despite the fact that the view here is always first-person). The game included a track editor, allowing you to create your own.

Graphically, the game looks for 1992 is very good, although, of course, the portrayal of the steering wheel and controls are much higher than drawing the surrounding countryside. Overall – interesting, but in no way is not arcade racing, designed for serious players.

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Grand Prix Unlimited

Racing / Driving, Simulation
Accolade, Inc.
Accolade, Inc.
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