Faraonik screenshot #1
Screenshot #1


Faraonik was launched by Ediciones Manali in the year 1992 which was loved by all old and young. It’s an interesting DOS game and can be played online by clicking here.

Faraonik description

Another rare Spanish game (surpassing in rarity even the Cefalus). By the way – it is very similar to the Cefalus, but there are significant differences.

The action apparently takes place in an ancient Egyptian pyramid that decided to Rob our hero-robber (the little mustachioed man, consisting of only a head and tiny legs, but armed with an infinite number of charges for murder of enemies).

The game consists of levels, but now the scrolling of the screen is, to go back you can. Each screen is a kind of maze, in addition to killing enemies, you will have to find a way out of it (but nothing difficult). Some passages are blocked by blue doors, for these areas you need to look for the bonuses-the keys to open them (and the same for areas with chests, the purpose of your stay here).

Enemies are represented by the faces of mummies and jackals (apparently Anubis), skulls, ghosts, snakes and so on. They all kill with one shot, but, in contrast to the Cefalus, here physical contact with them causes instant death of the hero, as he has a "strip" of life. It is quite large, in addition, to compensate for bonuses in the form of hearts. Time limit for passing of no. For killing monsters get points.

Graphics – still only CGA, the environment is, in General, only from the walls of the maze, but the enemies and the effects of explosions at their deaths drawn well. And Cefalus, the game runs at a great speed and requires the player to great response, both in terms of marksmanship, and in terms of bias from contact with the enemy (although, of course, because of the "vitality" of the hero and the lack of a time limit Faraonik much easier).

The game is a tremendous rarity that is missing from the Internet and it therefore is of great interest not only for all lovers of the complex of the old arcade games but also for collectors.

PS: the Game is in Spanish, but the text in it is only in menus and short text messages.

Wish to enjoy your afternoon playing some classic videogames? Play Faraonik online for free here.

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Ediciones Manali
Ediciones Manali