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Dino Sorcerer

Talented and creative developer Softdisk Publishing released Dino Sorcerer in the year 1990. The game was new, challenging and very engaging. Play it again online here.

Dino Sorcerer description

Program (although technically it probably still can be called a game) that allows you to create pictures of dinosaurs from a predefined set of fragments of parts of bodies of animals. The latter are divided into five groups: tail, front paws, back paws, torso, muzzle; all control is from the keyboard, and for setting or replacing each part of the body is key.

It is possible to collect the fictional "terrible lizards" (in this case, the program generates the name of the resulting monster on the basis of "whose" part of you used to do) and actually existed (and then you will receive a certain amount of scientific and educational information on reptiles). The resultant dinosaur can be saved and even printed on paper. All pictures are black and white, and "paint" them does not.

Curious is the fact that the authorship of this stuff - it was created by John Romero in the game series Commander Keen. Something outstanding on it, of course, is not, but cute enough and probably can attract the attention of children interested in paleontology.

Play your favorite childhood game Dino Sorcerer online in your browser for free here.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

Dino Sorcerer

Softdisk Publishing
Softdisk Publishing