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Cybercon III

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Cybercon III description

Not too well-known ancient game, located at the crossroads of genres "action" and "puzzle" (perhaps, "puzzle", not "quest").

Number "III" in the title of the game does not mean that this is the third part of any game series. No, "Cybercon III" is a terrible intelligent supercomputer created by people at your peril, although the initial purpose of its creation was the opposite. Out of control, it plunged the world into chaos, most of humanity was destroyed. But not all, and, of course, emerged rebel movement, one of whose members (most courageous) is your hero. It instructed him to penetrate the "Holy of holies" of the Central complex and put an end to the existence of silicon villain.

The game is in first person, the environment, surprisingly, "almost 3D". Enemies per se, rather, Yes, but only one is the supercomputer. However, the enemy is hundreds of monsters, because knows how to think. "Puzzle" in the game much more than "action'a" - because you, as you progress through the game, will solve a lot of "puzzle", it will result in the disabling or destruction of a variety of devices that support the "life" of a supercomputer. However, it is not so simple and will not allow you to roam freely at the site and quickly get to the right places.

More about the gameplay to say no, so as not to spoil the fun of the game. It is worth noting the other graphics in the game for the release date is just amazing. Not only "almost three-dimensional" environment pleasing to the eye, but the brightness of the colors (when, in fact, small variety). The game interface is too complex, and generally "friendly". Recommend to anyone this game "scary", because probably no fans of the "puzzlequest", or lovers the action s can not find what you are looking for if they look for only exact adherence to the canons of the genre. But fans of the original and old will surely be satisfied.

To go to a black panel next to the door, press F9, then dial any 3 letters
on the keyboard (on the black bar should appear 3 characters),
then turn to the door and press ENTER.

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Cybercon III

Action, Adventure
U.S. Gold Ltd.
Assembly Line, The
Puzzle elements