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Action game released by Virgin Games, Inc. in the year 1991 by the name Corporation is an excellent 1st-person perspective game that can be played online by clicking on the link here.

Corporation description

Completely forgotten now 3D-action first-person, released the same year with Hovertank 3D. Now everybody forgot about him. Many of his ideas were never subsequently developed. But it may well be that he has the full right to be called "the first FPS in history."

As always in the action Ah, the story is, but to understand it is problematic. And is it necessary? Distant future, cyberpunk, faceless powerful corporations (see title of the game), a policeman with a fair amount of metal in the body, dark (and sometimes not) corridors and terrible enemies-mutants, the products of illegal genetic experiments. To tie together all these elements in the logical chain offered independently.

But what really should pay attention to is two things: our character and graphics capabilities of the game. Just start shooting and nobody will give you – first you need to fine-tune the characteristics of the character, whom for the action and it is simply amazing a lot (Yes, even for the average RPG will be enough). Strength, endurance, speed and even intelligence (because the game will be "riddles") – everything is in place. But, to cope with difficult for the fans to "just shoot" thing, get into the game itself. And what do we see? Really IT came out in 1991?! With all due respect to Hovertank 3D, it is up to such a graphic level, to put it mildly, far away. Fully three-dimensional, polygonal (!) various enemies in the form of monsters and robots, a convenient mini-map, freedom of 360 degrees and is 1991, Yes. Also a lot of puzzles, a separate battle tactics with every kind of creatures and even some elements of stealth. One word – great.

This game still can not be called something completely astounding, but it definitely deserves high marks for quality performance in all areas and exciting gameplay. Maybe not diamond, but a gem for sure. Strictly recommended to all fans of the genre action as a fine example of the very first action'ov, in many ways superior to their "younger brothers" as an example of the direction in which to develop the genre, and just like another great old game.

Wish to enjoy your afternoon playing some classic videogames? Play Corporation online for free here.



Virgin Games, Inc.
Dementia, Dimension Creative Designs, Ltd.
Puzzle elements, Shooter