Circus Attractions screenshot #1
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Circus Attractions

Do you get nostalgic when you hear the name “Circus Attractions”? Don’t be sad, you can now play Circus Attractions, released by Rainbow Arts Software in 1989 again online here.

Circus Attractions description

A collection of mini-games dedicated to circus acts.

Games just five: jumping on the trampoline, rope walking, knife throwing, spinning in a circle bound to him by the girl, jumping clowns and juggling (here you can set the number of balls). Noticed an interesting feature: first, you can (and should) be trained with artists (run, of course, you), each game is given several attempts, each can choose to workout in a random order, and then to agree on the final performance in front of audience where all five matches will take place successively one after another, and here there is an attempt – only one, but the achieved training results can have a positive impact on the end performance. In addition, in each of the games you can play together on one computer.

Not to mention very colorful for its time, the graphics and attention to detail (for example, look at the beautiful animation stands, and indeed the diversity of the environment!). The game is of interest primarily for fans of mini games collections.

Play your favorite childhood game Circus Attractions online in your browser for free here.


Circus Attractions

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