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Castle of Dr. Brain

A Adventure game, Castle of Dr. Brain was released in 1991 by the famous developed Sierra On-Line, Inc.. It is a DOS game and is perfect for all video game lovers.

Castle of Dr. Brain description

Nice assleborn disguised as a quest.

We're playing for a young enthusiast, who decided to become an assistant of a crazy genius - Dr. Brain! But Dr. anybody hires and give us the aptitude test we have to overcome all of his brutal puzzles before you get the position.

Although the game was positioned as teaching-developmental, I think that not every babe will be able to cope with heavy pizzavini even on the medium difficulty, but especially for them and made the switch complexity. He has three positions - Beginner, Standard and Expert. More correct would have had to call "Primitive", "Time to drink validol and have the puzzles decision voobche there is?" but this is my personal opinion.

All the puzzles are sorted by types: as you move from room to room and from floor to floor, we gradually solve different types of mathematical, logical, verbal, programming...

In fact, this game long before the living classics of the genre paved the path on which later passed Myst, Shivers, Lighthouse, and many who do - but with a very sane system prompts for the faint of heart.

Highly recommended for killing time. Easy to install does not have, gets on well with DOSBox even the MT-32 version. Play!

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Castle of Dr. Brain

Adventure, Educational, Puzzle
Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Sierra On-Line, Inc.