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Captain Bible in the Dome of Darkness

The famous developer Bridgestone Multimedia Group created Captain Bible in the Dome of Darkness in the year 1994. It’s a perfect Adventure game and can be played online by clicking here.

Captain Bible in the Dome of Darkness description

Far away, in another time and space, a wonderful city flourished and developed. Its inhabitants were the most honest and kind people that ever existed in the world. But one unfortunate day, the inhabitants of this beautiful corner of happiness and idyll felt a decline in strength and negative changes in their mood. Doubts, delusions, and illusions began to form in their minds, and in a few hours the whole city was plunged into darkness. The darkness covered it with an impenetrable hood, and one of the best places in the Universe began to slowly turn into a hotbed of envy, hatred and lies. The Biblical Troops that came to help tried to destroy the dome, but in vain: through the Tower of Deception, disguised as a weather tower, it was fueled by the black thoughts of the citizens. There was one last chance to save the situation – to get into the belly of the dark hemisphere, free the seven city consuls, activate the protective Unibot with their help, and destroy the Tower. But who is able to cope with this difficult mission? Captain Bible, of course! His weapon is Truth, his defense is Faith, and his path is illuminated by Light!
Let's get to know each other better. Captain Bible is a statuesque brown-haired man in the Prime of life, dressed in a dazzling white uniform, gilded boots, and a Cape the color of morning Celeste. Our hero is characterized by optimism, resourcefulness and confidence in their own abilities. The Captain always carries a special device that helps him in destroying evil - and this is not some zero-phase energy-plasma emitter of good, but an electronic Bible, an ordinary portable device. After receiving all the necessary information from the commander of the Biblical Troops, the brave preacher teleports to one of the Central buildings of the city. Unfortunately, the spatial jump has a negative effect on electronics, and when the captain finds himself in hostile territory, he finds that his book of Scriptures is completely empty. The city is in darkness, there is an atmosphere of defeatism and negativism, and somewhere nearby city councillors languish in the prison of false prejudices. After reading a parting prayer to himself, the Captain sets off.
getting to the consuls is not as easy as it seems at first glance: the dark city is simply teeming with cyber-creatures of darkness, sowing moral destruction in the mass consciousness of the indigenous inhabitants of ex-utopia. You can only defeat such an unholy creature by repelling its mental attack, supported by false knowledge. In order to do this, the Captain must skillfully parry an enemy strike with a verse from the electronic Bible. A correctly chosen quote instantly knocks the ground out from under the feet of a self – confident cyber, but an error promises the loss of Faith-the main protective resource of the Orthodox hero. You can fill up the empty Bible with verses through special Holy terminals that were once used by citizens. The larger the electronic Arsenal of quotations, the more prepared the Captain is for fights with opponents; however, on the other hand, the abundance of sacred material makes it much more difficult to choose the only correct verse, which is vital for the successful completion of the match. The mental struggle is the most difficult and deep part of the game: cybers are clever, masterfully substitute concepts and try to cloud the mind of the player, who is lost before the scattering of biblical texts. In some cases, mental victory over the cyber is not enough, and the Captain is forced to engage in a physical confrontation with the enemy. It is designed as a mini-game that fans of virtual shooting ranges will learn from the first seconds: the brave hero needs to hit the vulnerable points on the bodies of opponents with his sword in time, dodging retaliatory blows and shots with the help of a shield.
long-Awaited meetings with consuls are fraught with no less unpleasant surprises. Instead of throwing themselves into the arms of their Saviour with tears of happiness in their eyes, the captives receive him with unfeigned indifference. The city councillors who stray from the true path are absolutely harmless to the Captain, but their minds are so affected by black thoughts that they will have to engage in a fierce verbal quarrel with the consuls to purify themselves. Converts to the dark faith people with cold conviction reflect the Captain's attempts to restore their former faith, building their system of argument on the basis of false teachings. A little away from the gameplay essence of these duels, I would like to note that they really challenge the player. And it is not even that you need to know English well and understand the Bible teaching, but that sometimes the consuls ' speeches sound terribly convincing. At such moments, the evidence of unquestionable truths suddenly dims and there is a sharp desire to make sure that the window does not stand the earth's equivalent of the malicious Tower of Deception...
The defeated advisers regain their former worldview and become allies of the Captain, although they periodically have to conduct explanatory conversations with them about the meaning of a particular Bible verse – the inevitable consequences of severe intoxication of consciousness. Having freed the next Consul from the bonds of unholy knowledge, the Captain is free to choose a new destination; in total, the brave hero will have to visit - according to the number of consuls-seven city attractions. Unfortunately, the architecture of the marvelous metropolis can not boast of high style: Rastrelli and Ledoux create their masterpieces in a completely different space-time continuum, and local urban planners are clearly not distinguished by artistic imagination and refined taste. City streets are more like a network of high-tech viaducts, the exteriors resemble the facades of bunkers and military bases, and the interior design of the premises differs little from the interior of the catacombs. In other words, you will not get any pleasure from exploring the city if you want to: the environment does not just look ascetic - it is indecently monotonous. This is a very unfortunate omission, since with a different approach, the authors would have turned out a much more vivid and memorable work. In fairness, it should be noted that from time to time the Captain's wanderings through the monotonous streets of the city are interrupted by simple interactive inserts, the transience of which, however, can not be attributed to the disadvantages. However, the glorious liberator is not up to entertainment excursions – it is necessary to save the city from the clutches of darkness.
it is not easy to Talk about the value of Captain Bible in the Dome of Darkness for the world of computer games. Whether the developers were aware of the uniqueness of their work or not,but the experiment they conceived was a success – this is one of the few educational projects whose target audience is not children, but quite Mature players. How attractive this product will look in the eyes of its potential consumers is another question. The authors managed to touch on such a delicate topic in a new, creative way, but, unfortunately, the educational side of the gameplay significantly prevails over everything else, turning an already unusual game into entertainment of a very specific plan. Few people will be able to see the highlight of this game, but those who do will find the Truth here, strengthen their Faith and enrich themselves with Light. Amen.

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If the game is on religious and instructive topics to be fascinating? It turns out-Yes, if its creation is taken by really talented people. The action of this game takes place in the distant future, in which a certain futuristic city of believers was captured by evil unbelieving cyborgs, who surrounded it with an impenetrable mystical dark dome. But the superhero of the future, Captain Bible, somehow managed to penetrate the veil of darkness. Unfortunately, his main weapon from which he draws strength for his exploits, the computer Bible, was seriously damaged in this case: its memory is empty. Now the Captain will have to search for the scattered pages of Holy Scripture scattered throughout the city and read them while praying, because without this, he will not be able to resist the forces of Evil.
< br> Captain Bible – this is a very interesting hybrid of adventure and fighting game, but one that has no analogues and can not be found. The main goal of the game is to find and release the members of the city Council, and then activate the big good robot Unibot, which can destroy the dark dome and the tower of evil built by cyborgs. But, of course, your unbelieving enemies will not let you just do it. And here we come to the most interesting moment in the game – battles with cyborgs.

In such a game, there can be no direct violence, which means that the Captain does not have any material weapons. His strength is in his faith. And this power he draws from the very pages of the Bible that need to be found and read. With a sufficient level of faith, the hero has a spiritual sword and shield, with which he can fight with cyborgs, but not killing them, but destroying the lie of unbelief on which their power rests. Fights take place with the build view and can be controlled using both the keyboard and mouse: you need to specify the cyborg's vulnerabilities to attack and click on The captain's figure to protect it.

If you can find at least one page of the Bible, the Captain can go to the existing chapels in different corners of the city, where you can restore your faith, which decreases with each enemy strike (we repeat that all the battles in the game – exclusively "mental"), and also get some kind of light to successfully pass the dark game areas.

Doors in the game usually open with a simple click, but, first, to open some of them requires finding certain pages of the Bible, and secondly-not all of them are safe (and there are, on the contrary, and those that teleport to other parts of the city). Finally, there are also doors that lead to the Council (after you have released its members, because the game does not end there). When you meet them, they will ask you to explain some pages of the Bible, and if you do this successfully, they will give new pages (i.e., new power) to your computer Bible.

From the point of view of graphics, the game looks just fine, contains a huge number of brilliantly drawn inserts and generally looks excellent. Of course, its subject matter for many will probably seem very, very controversial, but, nevertheless, it deserves attention at least in view of the fact that it is really a unique and unparalleled thing.

Now, play Captain Bible in the Dome of Darkness online for free on your browser and make your boring weekend fun and full of entertainment.


Captain Bible in the Dome of Darkness

Adventure, Educational
Bridgestone Multimedia Group
Bridgestone Multimedia Group
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