Bob Morane: Jungle Title screen
Title screen

Bob Morane: Jungle

A Action game, Bob Morane: Jungle was released in 1987 by the famous developed Infogrames Multimedia SA. It is a DOS game and is perfect for all video game lovers.

Bob Morane: Jungle description

The second of four games about the unknown we have a superhero Bob Moran from the Belgian French-speaking comics. A relatively detailed description of these games see on the page of the game Bob Morane: Chevalerie 1.

In this game, unlike the first, the action takes place in the conventional "our" time (probably in the mid-twentieth century). The Chinese supervillain Yellow Shadow, eternal enemy Moran, seeking to destroy the West, kidnapped his friend, a huge Scotsman bill Ballantine, and at the same time went to the jungle near the Eastern Cordillera to track down a mysterious artifact chibcha-Moscow (note: that means a serious approach – chibcha-moisci, according to the ideas of historians who lived in this area!), that will help him to destroy European civilization. Of course, Bob must stop him.

The gameplay is an arcade shooter with a side view. Graphics, as in all the first three games of the tetralogy, in the PC-version, alas, does not Shine delights and the game itself is in French (though the text is only in the background), but for collectors and fans of the old arcade game will fit without a doubt.

Do you want to play Bob Morane: Jungle online, in your browser? Now you can. Click here to play Bob Morane: Jungle online.


Bob Morane: Jungle

Infogrames Multimedia SA
Infogrames Multimedia SA
Side view
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