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Bill Elliott’s NASCAR Challenge

A very interesting DOS game was released by Distinctive Software, Inc. in the year 1991. The game was called Bill Elliott's NASCAR Challenge. You can now play it online.

Bill Elliott’s NASCAR Challenge description

One of the first simulation Nascar racing, named after their former champion.

This game is the racing simulator, and in any case not an arcade game (although, paradoxically, is considered an arcade), so ad a caption to it, stating that here we are waiting for the drafting and aerodynamic effects - the truth: coping with the driving here is very difficult. The game is first person only eight tracks, there are three standard modes of play – practice, race and the championship.

You can also choose from one of three real (and therefore licensed) vehicles – Chevrolet, Ford or Pontiac; perhaps this number seem small, but each car can be customized to your liking detailed way, changing almost anything, from the type of engine and transmission to the tires. In addition, before the start of the game you can establish a particular level of realism of damage to the machine; the pit stops in the game. After arrival, you can watch it, which is very pleasing.

From a graphical standpoint the game for its time, looks super-cool graphics in it is based on polygons, and it is made very well. The external design of the tracks are not especially rich, but the opponents are drawn extremely well. Verdict – a great, but very difficult race, requiring for mastery in her long and purposeful development.

Enjoy playing Bill Elliott’s NASCAR Challenge online, it can be played on your browser and is free.


Bill Elliott’s NASCAR Challenge

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Konami, Inc.
Distinctive Software, Inc.
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