Austerlitz Title screen
Title screen


Want to play some nice classic game? Play Austerlitz, 3rd-person (Other) perspective game, from the famous developer Turcan Research Systems Limited, released in the year 1989, by clicking here.

Austerlitz description

The third part of a series of wargames, referring to the era of the conquests of Napoleon I on, unlike the previous, the heyday of military power in Napoleonic France. The scene is certainly familiar to all from school Austerlitz, a decisive battle between Napoleon's army and the troops of the "third coalition". Sad (for us) the outcome of the battle in history and even more sad consequences known to all, but the game gives you the opportunity to change history: it can play not only for the little crazy Corsican, but also for the Russian Emperor Alexander I.

The interface and gameplay since the previous parts are almost reversed. We still have to print (Yes) all of the commands, using pre-prepared their "elements" in the names of the commanders of the flanks, locations, lead time and underlying orders. The fate of each order, we must know – we will tell, whether to implement it or not, there is also the opportunity to see the battlefield on their own.

Visually, it, probably, hardly probable not the most beautiful game that ever came out. Forget flat squares in front of us, almost three-dimensional field with green cubes, meaning the platoons! And if a little to move away from the screen, then all you can almost believe that you are the marching hordes of soldiers that can sweep away everything in its path!

Verdict – by far the best war game about the Napoleonic era (of those that came out for DOS, of course) and one of the best wargames. But, even in times ograblenie the first two parts, still to play it was still very difficult, so only for fans of the genre. And keep in mind that a certain historicity respected, so to win while playing Russian very problematic.

Not sure how to pass your time, why not play our classic videogame Austerlitz online? And the best part, it is for free!