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Alone in the Dark

In the year 1992, Alone in the Dark was launched by Infogrames Europe SA, a top-notch Action game with an amazing and engaging Puzzle elements gameplay. Click here to play it online.

Alone in the Dark description

An exciting game based on the works of HP Lovecraft, the progenitor of the survival horror genre.

Strange rumors about the things happening around the mansion Derceto, nestled somewhere in the vast expanses of Louisiana. So no one was surprised strange and terrible suicide of its owner.

Police briefly fumbled with the case, and the locals quickly forgot about it. The mansion remained uninhabited, at least at first glance.

You - a private detective Edward Carnby (Edward Carnby), who hires a collector for inventory property located in the mansion. Or, alternatively, you can play as the niece of the owner of the mansion, Emily Hartwood (Emily Hartwood), which simply curious to find out what really caused his uncle's suicide. But as soon as he (or she) crosses the threshold of the mansion, begin to happen very strange things. Something massive beating in the window below, creaking floorboards, and the way to escape there. Choose only one to go forward, to step into the darkness.

Most of the time will spend in solving puzzles and discovering the secrets of the mansion, though the warhead is given a lot of attention. The game has also been added and the purely arcade elements, such as a maze for some time, or jumping on the platforms, but they do not irritate, but only diversify gameplay.

The characters are three-dimensional and two-dimensional backgrounds, as well as fixed camera, first used in this game for many years have become standards of the genre. Of course, polygons, devoid of texture, and their number in each character and object, can be counted on the fingers, but it does not prevent to receive pleasure from such an atmospheric game.

Not sure how to pass your time, why not play our classic videogame Alone in the Dark online? And the best part, it is for free!