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There are some video games which you will never forget. Zyconix is one of them. It was launched in 1992, by Miracle Games but still loved by many. Play it online now.

Zyconix description

Puzzle, educational ideas of the old game Columns.

The point of the game is as follows. A games screen, from the top down which fall colored squares (or other geometric shapes is not here). Our task is through "podtseplena" squares game cursor to fold horizontal or diagonal (but not vertical) sequence of three squares of the same color, in this case, all three boxes disappear. The ultimate goal is to score as many points.

The highlight of this game mentioned the ability to fully control each box with the cursor, that is, "hooking", it can be moved across the plane of the screen. This is a very comfortable and seemingly easier to play, but the moment the "offset" very high (even on easy difficulty) the speed of the falling squares. Also sometimes instead of squares fall from the top of the bomb, too it is possible to manage. This is a pretty useful bonus that can be used to destroy prevent you to build the desired sequence of squares. There are a number of other bonuses up to the ball with which the game can be transformed into the likeness of arkanoid.

Finally, there are several levels of difficulty, but the choice of the nature of the game (you can play, say, a time can come together on one computer, and in this mode the game becomes even more challenging). The result – a very good, albeit not a masterpiece, not particularly complex but fascinating puzzle which perfectly will approach as a "clever" entertainment.

Want to play Zyconix online now, play it on your browser here.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com


Accolade, Inc.
Miracle Games
Arcade, Falling Block Puzzle