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World Darts

World Darts is a Sports game released by Melbourne House in 1987. It is an interesting DOS game and a must play for all old videogame lovers.

World Darts description

The simulator is still not received, we present the distribution of the Darts – throwing Darts in the circle to get as close as possible to the center.

To describe it as something vastly unlikely to succeed. You need competing with a computer opponent (although you can play together at the computer), just as it is possible more accurately to hit the range, trying first to gain five hundred one point. The only interesting feature is that when playing with the computer he chooses your opponent at random, and all of them have significantly different abilities to the game. But, anyway, in the course of competition the skill of your opponent will always increase. Before you start the actual game can get a little practice in throwing Darts in a special game mode.

This game, originally released for the Amstrad CPC computers, is not received on any platform (and even on our – especially on the DOS version has almost no information) any fame. Perhaps the reason for this is not very convenient operation and very strange miscalculation of the trajectory of the dart, causing it to predict almost impossible, possible – the existence of a much more interesting Darts simulation game called Bully's Sporting Darts. Graphically, what the game shows (and shows it not so much), it looks pretty decent for a sub-genre, but, apparently, in the eyes of the players, it couldn't save her. However, there are only a few games of Darts this game still has great cultural value.

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World Darts

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