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Word Rescue

A Action game, Word Rescue was released in 1992 by the famous developed Apogee Software, Ltd.. It is a DOS game and is perfect for all video game lovers.

Word Rescue description

Children's educational platform game published by Apogee in March 1992.

Grizzly, evil little monsters that never learned to read, decided that everyone else is also useless, and stole the words from all the books! Such a bad act was very much the bookworm benny, so he asks his young friends for help. He needs a player to have joined words with their meanings, after which the worm will be able to return their books.

Looks like the gameplay in the following way: the level of scattered words, initially hidden by a question mark. When the player touches this sign, in its place the word appears, and to appear at various pictures. Among the latter, we need to find and get one that is suitable to the chosen word. Once they are all assembled, appears benny and takes them to the magic book, but instead will give the key to the exit, so we can help him further. In phase seven words, so, despite the usually small size of the location, it will have to run a lot.

Grizzly will not give up easily and will try to select collected words. To avoid this, sufficient to avoid contact with them, and if enemies will drive the player into a dead end, you come to the aid of benny – he can sling slime all who will point to the player (no need to aim, just look in the direction of the monster), this thinner is the enemy freezes and is no longer a danger. The factor of slime is limited, but replenishes at the beginning of each level (only if the complexity is not the highest), besides in the process you can find buckets of this substance. And even on top of the original number of enemies does not exceed three, so often they're pretty easy to get around or trap, – if no holes where the enemy can fall, there is a likelihood that Grassl stuck on any ledge (this is the local rare bug). Enemies can spawn, if you make a mistake in choosing the pictures, the creature immediately materialized over the head of the protagonist and will soon begin to pursue him.

It also has individual letters that make up together one of you here words. If you collect them sequentially, we will add a small bonus to the final invoice. There will also be rewards for collecting all of the books scattered around, for lack of error when comparing words with a picture as well - apparently as a gift from benny bonus that the player is not bothered and did not use such a valuable pink slime, showing wit and dexterity.

Make the wrong choice pictures without knowledge of the English language (or understanding of what is depicted) will not give a hint, – W causes a small window with a list of words and corresponding images.

In just three episodes we will visit the village built around the castle, in a network of caves and the haunted mansion. As you progress you will meet hidden passages in the walls; look for them will have at random, as they do not reveal themselves; some levels have a maze out of which not so easy to find. To accompany the journey will be unobtrusive light music - just a couple of songs.

In General, Word Rescue - quite a nice simple arcade game, but with an important message: don't be like Grizzly and most read!

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Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

Word Rescue

Action, Educational
Apogee Software, Ltd., FormGen, Inc.
Redwood Games
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