Winter Supersports 92 cover
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Winter Supersports 92

Interested in playing Winter Supersports 92 published by Golden Zone in the year 1996? You can play this 3rd-person (Other) perspective game online by clicking on the link.

Winter Supersports 92 description

The least known simulator winter sports, which in any case does not negate its wonderfulness.

Before the game, you can select the country for which you want to play, and one of two modes – "Race" and "Fight". The first mode is a kind of training, but a special kind: here you can choose ("for exercising") of any of the sports represented in the game, also you can play with other people on one computer (up to six people).

Second – have full-fledged competition in which you can only play against the computer and where each match should be held consistently gaining the necessary number of points (if not to gain something then not be allowed). Sports quite a lot of ski racing, downhill slalom, downhill, ski jumping, speed skating, bobsled, Luge, and there is even a great snowmobile race (and they are the main "charm" of the game, as other sports are almost pairwise similar to each other in gameplay).

The graphics in the game for years exit at a very high level, the prospects of the review for different games – different (from a third party - skating and ski jumping, where the graphics are actually polygonal, or isometric, like snowmobile races), but drawing is always quite accurate (although the backgrounds are rather poor, but this is explainable by the time of the year of the games). So fans of computer options of winter sports on this really rare game pay attention is necessary.

Do you want to play Winter Supersports 92 online, in your browser? Now you can. Click here to play Winter Supersports 92 online.


Winter Supersports 92

Golden Zone
Flair Software Ltd.
3rd-person (Other), Top-down