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Wild West World

The famous developer Software 2000 developed a Strategy/Tactics game called Wild West World in 1991. You can play this Top-down perspective game online now.

Wild West World description

Economic strategy in the entourage of the Wild West, which rightly can be considered the "forerunner" of games such as Far West and Tombstone in 1882.

Is imposed on you a heavy mission – to create own economic Empire, albeit small, within a completely undeveloped still the Wild West (apparently, the game takes place before the beginning of all kinds of "fevers"). Spheres very much – though the focus will be given to agriculture (which is divided into agriculture and animal husbandry), should not be squeamish and hunting (at least for their fur, although game meat – is also a valuable product), and mining, which in the beginning of the game in its infancy.

Of course, alone we can't do this. And it is not Caesar, where it is sufficient just to build a building in which people, in the presence of the houses themselves come to work and there you will stay. No, here we create, so to speak, the real "great rural community", and people agreed to work for you as farmers, herders, hunters, miners, or anyone else, they should be provided with all necessary. Everyone should have money and property. But still – you're one family, so the proceeds from the total profits from the different activities, the money will have to buy new land and expand the territory of their possessions.

Wild West – wild customs. Around warlike Indians, free miners, and lots of rabble, does not want to work, but with strong fists and big guns. But all would be nothing if it weren't for other "patriarchs", like you. And they, unfortunately, have, and although with them to different businesses, the relationship your in most its peaceful difficult to call: competition, after all! But wild morals mentioned for a reason: in the West, no classes, ephemeral arguments about honor and snobby etiquette – all good here! You want to hire a gang of thugs once and for all rein in arrogant neighbor? Or, say, to negotiate with a neighboring Indian tribe to set fire to the neighbor's warehouses? Please ways to hurt each other a lot, but, as expected, your neighbors, too, can walk you through it all...

Verdict – already familiar to us repeatedly at the time of release gameplay, just in the "new wrapper", which, however, makes it even more fun than before, making a fair amount of spice and even a kind of black humor. Despite the slightly conventional graphics, I personally play it was really interesting.

Have you ever wondered what kind of video games were played in the good old days? Try playing Wild West World online now and we are sure you will not stop playing again.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

Wild West World

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Software 2000
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