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When Two Worlds War

Impressions developed a DOS game in the year 1993 called When Two Worlds War. In the video game ranking, this game ruled the charts for a very long time. You can now play it again online by clicking here.

When Two Worlds War description

Futuristic wargame dedicated to the hypothetical interplanetary conflict in the distant future. However, if you can call this game a wargame is still a big question. It is very similar to this subgenre in appearance, but the gameplay, in fact, here is much more ambitious.

The ultimate goal of the game, as you might guess, is a victory over the enemy. Although a large part of gameplay dedicated to fighting for the development of the economy will also have, without it – anywhere. I must admit that the economic model is then detailed: there are several types of resources for energy production need to build a power plant, for the production of food – farms, for scientific research (science plays an important role in the game) – lab. However, all this – "militaristically oriented": for example, there is no "social" science, and all the development of technology aimed solely at increasing the power of our troops. Once we believe that have amassed an army of the required size and technological equipment, – you can try to attack the enemy (and always to be ready themselves to repel the attack).

Interestingly, you can play in turn-based mode and real-time (the latter much more difficult the first), is applicable to the game as a whole, and directly to the fights (they can be turn based or "real"). The game in real time goes in a much more rapid pace, but, again, much harder. No human development of the planet, there is no trade and diplomacy in the game, as already mentioned, no.

Fights are of two main kinds – cosmic and earthly, each fight you can run yourself (step by step, of course, you can pre-plan the battle). What this game really unique is the fact that there are virtually NO restrictions on the types of military units, so the scope for imagination is very wide. Of course, some basic components (body, arms, type of control) have any equipment, but the types they abound, and combine them as you like. So here (subject to the achievement of the desired technological level) is quite real to create a unique ship that will be able to fight in any conditions (in space, on land, under water...). However, resources are not infinite, the time to possible attacks – especially as for the construction of any (even far less "cool" than described) powerful tools requires a lot of time and cost, so they often have to think and make choices (at least in the beginning of the game) in favor of more traditional machines.

The interface of the game is quite unusual and yet easy to master. Largely because there is a wonderful learning automatic program that detail and all the details will show you what and how to do it. In addition, there is a legend that the game is one of the first who understand the voice (!) management (especially the troops), but the feature is available only when using a particular sound card.

The most surprising thing here is that the game also has a built-in programming language (!!!), though very simple, which allows you to simulate simple behaviours of your troops (for example, patrolling, bomb mines and so on – that is any specific and accurate orders). And this feature of the game can not use, because the model, though simple, but give you a huge advantage over the enemy.

Verdict – great and still, albeit with certain reservations, more than worthy of the highest evaluation. Yes, the game has flaws, and quite easy to learn it can not be called, but for all fans of clever and ambitious strategies, it will be a great gift.

Wish to enjoy your afternoon playing some classic videogames? Play When Two Worlds War online for free here.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

When Two Worlds War

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