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War in the Gulf

Interested in playing War in the Gulf published by Empire Software in the year 1993? You can play this 1st-person perspective game online by clicking on the link.

War in the Gulf description

Continuation of tank simulator Team Yankee and Pacific Islands, the third and last game in the series. The plot is based on a hypothetical second invasion of the Iraqi army in Kuwait in the mid 90-ies.

The game is very similar to the first part of the series, Team Yankee. In fact, we can say that almost everything that was said about her is true for War in the Gulf. The same four tanks per mission max, the same screen is divided into four parts, and the possibility of simultaneous view of the area from all four tanks and the simultaneous management of the same need to constantly switch between the management of the specific tank (when the game goes into full screen mode with first person view), because only in this mode you can view the full range available for orders with a separate tank, and is divided into four parts screen.

The in-game map will not go away as not gone anywhere and all that is liked and not liked in the first part, is the ability to allow/deny to you, the inability to observe the surroundings in the game with a third person (the game only from the first), the inability to set the direction of following tanks on the tactical map, not the most friendly to the player control.

However, the game still felt different, and the differences – mostly for the better. First, in War in the Gulf significantly "strengthened" the enemy AI, models of enemy tanks became a lot more than before (of course, "our" models are still too real). This is not a "foreign cosmetic" improvement – now the enemies as you available the full order of battle, they are able to think, to hide (as in the game is where to hide – in the desert Sands and in a small grove) and even lure you into an ambush. So now is the opportunity (or rather necessity) to conduct intelligence activities. Another important innovation is the possibility of destruction of the military buildings of the enemy for money (most of the fighting, by the way, now takes place in cities) and preventing the destruction of civilian buildings - for the money. The money is needed in order to improve their tanks (or buy new, improved) for the following missions.

The graphics are also improved (though not dramatically), the landscape has ceased to be flat, but it became much more monotonous (however, it is quite adequate and understandable – from the variety in the desert?), object rendering became more precise and better. Verdict – top "evolution" of the series, really complex and detailed tank simulation game closer to the higher rating and more than worthy of the attention of all who are interested to command real equipment on the monitor screen.

PS: they Say the last mission in the game is so complex that it is impossible to pass and no one has managed, so there is a chance to set a real record for a game...

Play your favorite childhood game War in the Gulf online in your browser for free here.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

War in the Gulf

Action, Simulation
Empire Software
Oxford Digital Enterprises Ltd.
Vehicular Combat Simulator