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Veil of Darkness

Strategic Simulations, Inc. developed a Puzzle elements game in the year 1993 called Veil of Darkness. You can play it online now.

Veil of Darkness description

On the modern map there is so little white spots, that a seasoned traveler was safe to face the unknown and to fall into a hopeless situation, especially if the traveler is not only experienced, but they are not deprived of courage and composure. But sometimes surprises await us where to be, as it seems, does not. A private flight over misty mountains somewhere in the Romanian hinterland turned to the hero, Veil of Darkness catastrophe – his plane suddenly crashed straight into a small valley, securely hidden from the prying eyes of the impenetrable monoliths of rock. The pilot, however, is clearly lucky to be alive – it was quickly found out and the small inhabitants of the nearby village that had so long been isolated from the rest of the world that technological progress has long forgotten the way back. Very soon, our researcher is embroiled in a long series of events, foretold in ancient prophecy, assumes the role of protector of the oppressed, fights with curses and mystical creatures of black magic, and learns to blame his life took such a steep turn... But all this you have yet to experience personally, so best get into the technical side of things.

Like other creations Event Horizon, Veil of Darkness pleasing to the eye first and foremost user-friendly interface, which, coupled with the unforgettable isometry, allows you to quickly get used to the controls and to concentrate on the gameplay. So our hero must get out of the ill-fated valley and return to the benefits of civilization. As soon becomes clear, his path is the owner of the local land – Raise someone, drunk off the blood of many poor souls who find themselves locked up in this godforsaken area. To deal with the treacherous tyrant, you need to take the help of those who still retained common sense, and to grasp the essence of what is happening in the district events. And it will have to do what the player usually is in adventure of all sorts, – a careful study of the site, to fatten the pockets all came to hand the decision of fine riddles and, most importantly, conversations. Residents of a pair of surrounding villages are happy to help you, but for many of them lie their sins, with unpleasant consequences, which the hero more times will face. Do not forget that to look at events in a Veil of Darkness falls under some unusual corner of the world here, it seems, is the epitome of a fairy tale, and this tale is not one of those good stories you tell children at night. A werewolf hiding under the mask of the common man, the dead escaped from the captivity of their graves, strange diseases and strange drugs is only the beginning of a long list of trouble, not behind the hero a single step.

However, pulling information from local residents and listened to match the history to be surprisingly easy and pleasant, and the credit for this largely belongs to the original dialogue system, which is Event Horizon did not fail to include in the game. During the conversation, the hero notices the most important words spoken by interviewees, and subsequently these words could be the topic for questioning is already other characters. And topic you are free to enter themselves directly from the keyboard, and attempts to explain with the right characters bring no less pleasure than for a long time already bored of the standard selection of the more obvious answers.

Collecting and working with objects too will have to devote a substantial part of the time. Sometimes things need to combine themselves, in other cases – look for whole sets to later use the help of local residents, who will not fail to make found something useful. Keep in mind that for a "thank you", no one will work, and prepare in all possible ways to get valued then silver. And in case in the deep thicket you suddenly encounter a pack of hungry wolves, nice to have some sort of weapon. The more that wolves are the most harmless creatures with whom you are destined to face...

It is difficult to find in the Veil of Darkness any flaws. The game is extremely friendly with the audience, the graphic style is very pleasing to the eye, somewhat sad melodies and occasionally wafting from somewhere in the forest rustles and howls successfully emphasize the mystical, cautious atmosphere. Those who remember with horror the endless search for small objects in the early quests, waiting for another pleasant discovery – the ability to double the size of all the things that you can choose. Small animated inserts accompany all important actions of the protagonist and other characters, allowing the details to consider what is happening on the screen. Veil of Darkness is perfect for everyone who loves to push the veil securely protected secrets, and will not disappoint those players who wanted to plunge into an adventure full of mysticism. And let the machinations of a Kairn'does not hurt you to dispel the pall of darkness over the lost somewhere in the Transylvanian valley.

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Veil of Darkness

Action, Role-Playing (RPG)
Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Event Horizon Software, Inc.
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