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Trivia Whiz

Apogee Software, Ltd. developed a Game Show / Trivia / Quiz game in the year 1990 called Trivia Whiz. You can play it online now.

Trivia Whiz description

George Broussard is one of the key members of the cult of Apogee and one of the creators of the famous series of Duke Nukem. But the way he started, as usual, small with small games, quizzes, one of which is a Trivia Whiz. And therefore let us turn to the origins and look at this opening.

Gameplay is traditional for the genre: we answer a series of questions from different categories (sport, TV, literature, movies, and a few others) by selecting the correct option - one of four offered. At each round, is given fifteen seconds. If you have time to meet, you get points, and the less time spent, the more. If you made a mistake or the timer attical her, we lose one of the attempts; originally three of them, but for every ten correct answers will be given extra. Thus, the main goal is to earn as many points as possible.

The game has two drawbacks. The first is not so a large supply of questions: only five hundred pieces. And the second is, of course, their specificity: not all questions will be understandable to players of the post-Soviet space; in particular, it relates to the standings League baseball and the intricacies of the various TV shows of the time. How enlightening to find answers to such topics are extremely controversial. And, of course, there is enough questions about Star Trek - he should be the next game of Broussard's, Star Trek: The Next Generation - Trivia is based on Trivia Whiz, was entirely devoted to this universe.

Alas, today Trivia Whiz is almost exclusively historical value. Such is the fate of all games-quizzes - non-thematic instances become obsolete too quickly, become irrelevant, and sometimes carry false information. Therefore, it is recommended to use only well for very deep immersion in the culture and era.

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Trivia Whiz

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