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A Action game, Transarctica was released in 1993 by the famous developed Silmarils. It is a DOS game and is perfect for all video game lovers.

Transarctica description

An unusual representative of the post-apocalyptic genre: simulator commander trains, with elements of Pirates!, Planet''s Edge and Red Storm Rising.

The end of the world has come... But not in the form of nuclear war, and in sight of another Ice age. The self-proclaimed Arctic Baron cuts through the icy wilderness, formerly Europe on your train, gathering under the banners of soldiers, engineers and slaves (and even mammoths) and incessantly struggling for his life...

The essence of the game is the following: we are commanded by the train. We have to move back and forth across the map, trading with the surviving settlements, battling with enemy trains and capturing additional resources needed for our survival (primarily coal for the locomotive, the second weapons and food).

The train can be changed at any station to buy a couple of missing cars (e.g., car for the transport of animals - that was where to download mammoths), for example, or to sell junk. Command cars allow us to repair sabotaged bezpiecznie nomads of the way, to lead the spies that we have implemented in certain cities or simply to monitor the condition of the train.

Still, in the best tradition of Fallout, we may encounter random encounters - ranging from broken rails (which I need to fix that... and on the way from dune - that is because ice - out evil nomads and stormed the train) and the herds of mammoths (they can and should carry with them - in the battle train-on-train them does not have a price) and up to the ambush in the tunnels (the log - way, people - to storm the team coach). Battles take place in some sort Simarski Pirates! - we need to coordinate our people, trying not to let the enemies have used dynamite to damage the part...

Summary. A game for those who like podvodnaya simulation, because unaibaeva part is very similar. Those who like post-apocalyptic games, but "postheader" tired. A game for those who appreciate the thoughtfulness and the quality of games from Silmarils, because the reputation.

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Action, Strategy/Tactics
1st-person, Side view, Top-down