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Toyota Celica GT Rally

Toyota Celica GT Rally, a top-notch Racing / Driving game was developed by Gremlin Graphics Software Limited in the year 1992. This was a very famous and in-demand DOS game. You can play it online here again.

Toyota Celica GT Rally description

Racing license Toyota.

Machine variety do not differ, but the race itself is very beautiful. The first-person, three types of landscape (asphalt, gravel, ice), also has an interesting point, as the degree of visibility depending on the weather. The track even on the same landscape differ – because the action takes place in different countries. Statistics are calculated after each run.

The player has a Navigator, which gives very good advice on the further continuation of the route, and these tips can be "tuned" (for example, to set the time between the warning and the onset of the event). It is also possible to configure the vehicle control (more close to reality or less).

Graphics, as has been said, beautiful, but somewhat cartoonish. It is possible to play as much four (trails are traversed sequentially by each player, and then calculated the total score). Overall – nice but nothing special.

Relive your old memories by playing Toyota Celica GT Rally free and online on your browser now.


Toyota Celica GT Rally

Racing / Driving
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