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Great news for all the old video game lovers, now you can play the best Adventure game, Timequest launched by Legend Entertainment Company in the year 1991 again. Play it online now.

Timequest description

One of the best (according to some) and most complicated (for others) text quests Legend.

Our hero - one of the officers in time, designed to keep order in different eras and to stop the criminal activity associated with time travel. But when one of our colleagues steals the time machine and starts randomly running around to different eras and places, distorting history... Here then begins the real adventure!

The main feature of the game is that the authors saved at the locations, in addition to the headquarters of the police of the Time, we will be able to visit only six of the cities - but in ten different eras! From the iron age to the present day, each of them we will hear a mini-plot, his distortion of history and its own set of clever riddles to solve...

The disadvantage of this approach exactly one - if you stray from the storyline and crawl to pass the era out of turn, there is a risk to remain without the right equipment in a particular time, in the middle of the game begins to resemble a collection of puzzles, feebly held together by a plot about time travel and partly an interactive history lessons - we also have to restore the event to its original state!

In General - this is another quality text adventure from Legend, slightly marred by unnecessary confusion. But if you not scare (like me) - you can safely jump into the pool with his head, we've got you Oh how soon we will see...

Do you want to relive your memories and play Timequest online in your browser? Play it now for free.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com