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The Perfect General

The Perfect General is a Strategy/Tactics game released by White Wolf Productions in 1991. It is an interesting DOS game and a must play for all old videogame lovers.

The Perfect General description

In order not to bother inventing any story, the writers (if there were any in the team) presented to the public a series of maps, a list of units and some of the conventions, which, in fact, and is based game. Well, if you really really want, so for the record, mark: the story is that red fight with blue. Or blue with red. This is how it turned out, enough.

Each mission is a mini – scenario in which you first stormed the fortified area, and then defend it. Or Vice versa. What is the difference between "attack" from the "defenders"? First get more "money" (more on this later), and a second can select the desired position for defense. It is clear that where hiding a gun: in the village, in the forest or in the open field (strategist, damn it) – the effect will always be different. Not surprisingly, on-road units will move faster. Of course, seeing the enemy, which *runs* on the way into town, your unit, entrenched in this very village, receives preferential right of the stroke (aka the "firing at close range"). In General, tactics is tactics.

But we must start with recruitment. Available troops depend on the scenario you have chosen: in the first mission you can't choose anyone except the machine gunners and grenadiers. But in the future we will have a giant selection of different kinds of tanks (no "T-..." or "Abrams" - Heavy, Medium, etc.), artillery, engineers, etc.. of course, that each unit indicators protection/attack, etc., so one heavy tank is more valuable than a dozen callow youths with guns. However, you must remember that the number of cells (hmm... more precisely – hexes), intended for placement of the soldiers is limited, so to purchase two squadrons of fighters and crush the enemy with weight fail. You have to think, think, place, to sell, to think again and to finally decide who, where and how to sit.

Without further ADO (except that briefing read... and you already clicked Done? Well... there's nothing important) go to simple combat'have. Surely you are still on the menu will notice Dosso-Windows-like interface. View "global" card even more disturbing. Vague Windows on the right side of the screen and lurid palette can't attract players with its appearance. On the other hand, the house from the forest, as well as from the road, distinguish (if desired, of course) is possible, and this means that the main aim of the graphics cope. Overall, the game is, of course, stars in the sky is not enough and cannot compare in terms of gameplay with the universally recognized hits, but if you do not produce to Perfect General excessive demands, then a certain pleasure from it can still be obtained.

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The Perfect General

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