The Oregon Trail cover
The Oregon Trail game front cover

The Oregon Trail

The very talented group, MECC developed a Educational game in 1990 and interestingly called it The Oregon Trail. The game is so engaging that you will feel that “time flies”.

The Oregon Trail description

Oregon, now one of the Western States, was in 1846 a British colony, and then ceded England the United States. This land was sparsely populated and undeveloped, but rich, fertile, with a bunch of fur-bearing animals (fur and has always been a valuable commodity), and, according to rumors, even with reserves of precious metals. And we pulled a long stream of covered wagons of the settlers from the civilized East to the Wild West, reached out in search of a better life and happy life. Of course, happiness is found units, and perished in the way for a variety of reasons tens of thousands.

This game offers you to take control of a single stream of such immigrants, your job is to make to the destination reached as many as possible alive and healthy people.

Good detail: before the beginning of the road we accurately plan our inventory and what you take along the way will solve a lot of local problems: when and where to rest, how much and what food will be where to cross the rapid mountain stream, what animals to hunt and so on.

If you try to summarize – difficult, graphically, unfortunately, not really, but amusing. First, however, the micromanagement, especially those who long for something original in the subgenre.

Relive your old memories by playing The Oregon Trail free and online on your browser now.