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The Light Corridor

Remember the good old time of playing an awesome video game which made sad and long weekends happy and exciting? The Light Corridor, released by Infogrames Europe SA in 1990 is exactly that game. Replay here.

The Light Corridor description

Another hybrid arcade with a puzzle in which you must control the movement of a flying ball in a pseudo-maze. The control is performed with a square box that pushes the ball and then monitors its movement.

Given four life (if ball anywhere will fall immediately lose one) first all the obstacles in the game are static and can be easily bypassed. But soon appear and the moving barriers, and that is where the play becomes difficult.

As in any such game, there are some bonuses, the most useful of which is the receipt time of the second square to the ball was easier to manage.

Graphics - again, from the category of timeless (it should be noted that, as strange as it may sound, the DOS version of this game is much prettier than the versions on other platforms), and the game itself, though quite complicated, but may still be suitable for relatively calm relaxation: is this even dangerous, but a smooth flight of the ball is something meditative and relaxing...

Now, play The Light Corridor online for free on your browser and make your boring weekend fun and full of entertainment.


The Light Corridor

Action, Puzzle
Infogrames Europe SA
Infogrames Europe SA