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The Adventures of Captain Comic

The Adventures of Captain Comic is a Action game released by Michael A. Denio in 1988. It is an interesting DOS game and a must play for all old videogame lovers.

The Adventures of Captain Comic description

Once Michael Denio thought, "what would happen if you write your own platformer for the PC in EGA'shnuju map and try at the same time on this a little to earn additionally?". And it turned out he had Captain Comic.

Captain Comic is absolutely typical arcade platformer. Our hero (actually, captain Comic) runs, jumps, shoots enemies, collects items that give him bonuses, and solves simple puzzles (mostly of the type ”where to go now”). Yes, the world of this game (or rather, the planet Tambi) to some extent can be called nonlinear. After you find the key (and it is the same for all doors), you could travel to any place, including where they came from. Tell you a secret: at the end of the game even have to go back to the first level. Well, the goal of the game is to collect three stolen someone's treasure, scattered all over the map.

Well, what else can I say? Graphics - very nice for 16 colors. The plot fits exactly in two lines. Sounds - hmm... PC Speaker, I think it is clear. Played fun, even if no saves (with a total duration of the game from 40 to 60 minutes is sometimes very annoying, I mean when you kill almost at the end of the game). Is fine to pass an hour or two, because the game itself is quite easy.

PS any success, the game still has found, the author was even invited to Color Dreams, where they wrote under Captain Comic NES (it was a port of the game though similar in mechanics, but still different). However, then Michael Denio went there because I wanted to write the second part of the adventures, and the rest of the team - other game.

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The Adventures of Captain Comic

Michael A. Denio
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Metroidvania, Platform