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A very interesting DOS game was released by Distinctive Software, Inc. in the year 1987. The game was called Test Drive. You can now play it online.

Test Drive description

And what is this we experts offer Distinctive Software and their "big brother" Accolade? And they offer us a unique opportunity to experience five legendary supercar of the late 1980s. And no! The Lotus Esprit is a beautiful flower, nurtured in the field of English sport. C4 Chevrolet Corvette is an American legend and icon, which dreams of every student in the United States. Porsche 911 Turbo – German fury and power in the shell of the car. Prancing "black horse" Ferrari 512 Testarossa - most certainly red. Or raging bull "Italian bull" Lamborghini Countach 5000. Each steel horse has lovingly drawn a portrait in profile and the table with technical characteristics that are of interest to the uninitiated in such matters to the people, and for experts there is even a graph of acceleration in the first gear. Although the good of all this a little bit.

You should choose me for the soul - and after some hesitation puts you in the passenger compartment; the cockpit is individual for each model and drawn with the same care and detail as the machines themselves. Moreover, not all of them, but the basic elements dashboard interactive: the tachometer and speedometer flash arrows, showing the current settings, the wheel is spinning the player on the team, and the gear in the lower right corner appears a picture of a gearshift lever, which is moved by the slide in corresponding to each specific transfer situation; there is even a fully functional rear view mirror. And this information has important practical significance.

The difficulty starts when trying to start. It is not enough just to engage first gear (in the game uncontested manual transmission) - for intense acceleration you need to "accelerate", but if you do it too vigorously, you can burn the engine and thus lose one "life", of which there are five pieces (but know this can only experimentally); however, in the course of the game, the number can be increased.

Anyway, to cope with exercise, worthy of a pupil of the driving school, not so difficult. By sliding his steel horse with the place (slow and stately or fast and vigorously, under funny pelicana PC Speaker as symbolizing a slip of the driven wheels), you go on a long journey five not too long of segments no one on the mountain serpentine, rather sparingly drawn and significantly deprived of detail. However, occasionally the picture will diversify the passing signs with useful information Yes counter and passing transport. Sometimes, passing by signs with the maximum speed, you can hear the chirping of the radar, over time developing into eloquent siren. Soon, the mirror will begin to loom the silhouette of the police Ford Crown Victoria, but its size will depend entirely on the value that the arrow is pointing speedometer: at a speed of about 120 mph in a few seconds the horizon line behind cleared, but at a speed below 100 patrol car will start to catch up, and when you are ahead, you will be deprived of the ability to steer (but not the ability to regulate speed). Oddly enough, but even in this situation there is a choice: if you stay, then you will be given a receipt for payment of the fine for speeding, if not, the police are working tough guys who will not hesitate to impose your car on your rear bumper, and then – "finita La Commedia". Game Over, final and irrevocable. So with the guys in uniform and caps joke should not, but it is better to avoid them, you can just reduce speed in restricted areas. Yeah, it's unsportsmanlike, but to break away from the car with "flasher" is not always possible.

The more that the process of moving in space is not so easy. Simple game physics make the cars at high speed in the turn, squeaking tires, to shift towards the external shoulder, where he faces a trouble. Of course, if you turn the wheel all the way, it is possible to fit the curve of almost any steepness. But if then followed a turn in the opposite direction, then enter it will not succeed: because the steering wheel does not return itself to the neutral position to turn it have their own. The rate also falls when the button is released the accelerator, so that in difficult situations you can leave the pedal alone and focus on "taxiing", although better still to choose the speed based on the principle of reasonable sufficiency – to slow down. By the way, do not forget that to screw up "engine", "twisted" it in any gear...

Stretches of windy mountain roads tend to be twisty and dangerous as you get closer to the end of your journey. The density of traffic starts to pass all reasonable limits, and the police strengthens its control over the driving situation. In such circumstances, the task is to get to the final game becomes trivial – you don't walk left. "Sport cars aren't for sightseeing" – as it sometimes says the game is on the summary screens that appear after the completion of the next stage of your arrival. Messages are different: friendly, playful and sarcastically-mocking. And here you already find yourself hard pressing on keys in an attempt to slip between the oncoming truck and passing sedan, at the same time fitting into a particularly tight turn, but still trying to shake off a tail does not lagging the car in police livery...

Funny to say, but the whole point of the game is not too long moving on a single track with an almost hard "descriptivename" traffic and police ambushes – and all this just for the sake of winning the top ranks of the leaderboards. But there is in this simplicity is something inexplicably attractive and alluring, because the process requires some skill, and the cars actually different from each other not only in appearance, though it is not too noticeable. And sometimes it's very hard to take your hands off the keyboard, especially if in the middle of a wild police chase, and the end-in just a few turns...

Alternative description (Aleosha):
The first part of the famous car race in which we need to test three wonderful racing car. Roam the roads of America, which basically represent a serpentine. To the left of the cliff rock on the right, two lanes, and sharp turns. Abrusive associated traffic, dodging oncoming (great the driver stared at us in astonishment, fearing clashes?), trying to fit into the rotation. Special drive police added, who like to sit on the tail at the most inopportune moment. A fun, though somewhat tedious. Frequent use is not recommended, but taste definitely.

Do you want to play Test Drive online, in your browser? Now you can. Click here to play Test Drive online.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

Test Drive

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