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Tennis Cup 2

A very interesting DOS game was released by Loriciel SA in the year 1992. The game was called Tennis Cup 2. You can now play it online.

Tennis Cup 2 description

A good tennis simulator from the famous Loriciel, which is a continuation of another, much less known and inferior to the second part of quality.

A choice of several players with different characteristics, several game modes – training, single match, season-championship, that is, in other words, it seems like everything is standard. But, unlike most other tennis simulators, local Championships – it is a real major world competitions in tennis (the Grand Slam Cup ATP). And in training you in particular is awaiting a special machine, throwing in your balls, which must have time to hit (it all looks very funny and unexpected).

The number of sets in the match, you can set yourself one, three or five. There are four different types of surface: soft ground, hard, clay or grass. Have the opportunity to play together on one computer; the game is third person from behind, but when playing alone it is possible to divide the screen in half with a horizontal line (but when playing with the computer this is no more, unlike the first game that only pleases).

Graphically, the game looks beautiful, everything is drawn clearly enough. In General, as mentioned above, a good, albeit fairly standard tennis simulator, which will certainly appeal to fans of the genre.

Now, play Tennis Cup 2 online for free on your browser and make your boring weekend fun and full of entertainment.


Tennis Cup 2

Loriciel SA
Loriciel SA
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