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Superstar Indoor Sports

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Superstar Indoor Sports description

Fun, exciting and, surprisingly, has a surprisingly warm atmosphere sports simulator "indoor" sports. And once the four – bowling, table tennis, Darts and table ("air") hockey.

Before starting the game (after choosing a proper sport), you can configure the number of rounds in each match, you can also choose from a variety of difficulty levels. Have the opportunity to play together on one computer, although it is recognized that the levels of "highly qualified" to beat the computer-it is not so easy. Every game should be considered in detail.

Bowling begins with a view from the side (speaking of the chart is below), but after throwing the ball from first person (in front of us pins). Each stroke is carried out in three stages. First, you need to calculate the run of the player to throw, then the angle of impact, then (already in the first person) – to aim and throw.

About Darts to say nothing in particular, but here is perhaps the most detailed of the competition: there are four difficulty levels, three types of speed of shots and two wins. In this mode, third-person stages of preparation are about the same as in the bowling alley (the swing arm, the angle of the throw, aim and throw himself). When actually aiming, the game also switches to first-person.

Table hockey is table hockey: try to score the puck in the opponent, no steps here. Top view in isometric, you can rotate the camera. Table tennis (the ping pong) – also it's pretty simple: the third person (as if "over your shoulder"), however, it is curious that the angle of impact is not determined until the strike, and at the same time (when the beats isometric view, opponents not visible).

What the game really stands out (besides variety) – so it's amazing for its year of release and genre graphics. In all competitions (except for table hockey) we can see our protagonists parties, and they are drawn amazingly large and clear, the Darts and table t-shirt – so all in 3D! Moreover attention is paid to even the portrayal of the interior of the premises where competitions are held. A full immersion in the game, in one word. Verdict – one of the best, unusual and diverse sports simulation, it is likely to be of interest even for those who don't like games of this genre.

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Superstar Indoor Sports

Action, Sports
Mindscape, Inc.
DesignStar Consultants, Inc.
1st-person, Bird's-eye view, Side view