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Super Solvers: Challenge of the Ancient Empires!

Do you think old video games are boring? Play Super Solvers: Challenge of the Ancient Empires!, it is a Side view perspective game developed by The Learning Co. and released on DOS in 1990. You will then know that you were wrong.

Super Solvers: Challenge of the Ancient Empires! description

Several centuries ago a band of pirates hid precious treasures of the ancient world in caverns in the depths of the desert. Pass through dangerous, filled with traps, mazes, find ancient artifacts, assemble the mosaic and solve the logic puzzles. And then you're ready to make the final challenge of the ancient empires!

Super Solvers: Challenge of the Ancient Empires!, which in the Intro briefly referred to as the Ancient Empires - in fact, a simple puzzle platformer in which the player in the role of a treasure hunter to look for these artifacts.

Initially, the game is available in four different thematic cave (Greece and Rome, Egypt, middle East, India and China), which can take place in a free manner. Each cave carries four of the artifact and, accordingly, is divided into four levels, which will take place sequentially. Overcoming each of the levels built on the same principle and consists of several stages.

The first and most difficult step is to collect the scattered around the level six parts of the artifact. Move around the level freely; moreover, towards the end of the layout itself implies the necessity to return to already visited places. In the process of finding the player have to solve various puzzles and conveyor belts, the direction of movement of which changes the corresponding switch, and the crystals reflecting emitted by the helmet hero beam, and moving panels, and signs with letters that need to be pressed in a certain order. The situation is aggravated by the fact that, in addition, at the level there are a variety of adversaries, a quality which, though not practically varies from cave to cave, but, in principle, quite diverse. To destroy them is impossible - you can only "freeze" for a short time, and any contact with them, even from frozen, reduce strips the life energy of the character by one unit, of which there are four. But the hero of the game too, not with empty pockets for treasure went, and stocked with the right equipment. His helmet emits the beam, which is able to temporarily immobilize the enemies and activate one of the three types of switches, the jet boots allow you to jump higher than normal, and the energy barrier temporarily protects from damage (but it can only be used 4 times per level). And sometimes you can find an Apple that fully restores health. This phase is the most interesting.

As soon as the hero pick up the last part of the treasure, he opens the backpack and begins the second phase, in which you need to collect a puzzle of 12 pieces depicting usually the art work-appropriate topics. After a successful build, the game will sparingly tell you about the object.

After that, the hero will stand - and will begin the next stage. Somewhere will be the door through which will need of the level exit - this door here and will need to find. Unfortunately, health and spent armor will not regenerate, and in the case of death have to restart the whole level. Harmful the door can appear in the beginning, so I have to come all the way back.

And the last stage - it is necessary to solve logical puzzles for kindergarten: to complement some of the two pictures the third analogy. You just want to get in the door with the right picture, then the level will end and the next; if he was the last in his cave, the player will return to the map.

In the event of death, the game gives the choice to restart the level or return to the world map. If you choose the second option, your progress will be maintained in the subsequent return to the forsaken cave, the hero will start from the beginning, and since the beginning of the level where you left off previously.

After completing all four caves will open the fifth, the one "final". It also consists of four levels, but if the earlier puzzles with letters were only in Greece and Rome, and with the rotating crystals in Egypt, it contains everything the game showed prior to that. The last challenge in the game - and not a puzzle at all, and the arcade, which runs for half a minute... if you're lucky, otherwise you'll have to replay the last level of the final cave.

In Ancient Empires, there are two difficulty levels: Explorer and expert. The difficulty does not affect damage received from enemies, and on the structure level, but the location of the artifact, restoring apples and the doors for change and new aggressive "residents". The puzzle depicted on other objects, and parts during Assembly can rotate, according to the description. But don't let malicious product igroproma fool you: they are actually not rotated, and somehow mirrored about a horizontal or vertical axis.

The game looks, in principle, is nice, though repetitive design by the end begins to drive in the anguish that only compounded mournful music. But the management leaves much to be desired. First, he has bad responsiveness, but the game remembers every keystroke, which then takes the honest, which can get annoying damage by jumping once again. And second, although these abilities can be used at the same time (high jump in the armor, for example), individual keys for each not started: "Enter" changes the active ability space - activate. In the moment where you need to put the beam after the high jump, frantically have to change the ability, due to the poor responsiveness is more complicated: you can jump on and a moment to lose.

But the main problem of the "Empires" - the ambiguity. It is, in principle, quite simple, but for children, is probably complicated; in an educational game (which it is clearly intended), it is inconsistent, but a necessity towards the end to walk around the level a few times tiring. And yet it is so severe that after the screening of the final image just throws out in DOS, while removing the profile. So if you're ready to wind circles on the level because of the need of pressing three buttons in different dead ends, to deal mainly with curve control and replay overwhelmed he is already near the exit door steps, to laugh at the primitive tasks, for the fifth time to replay the last level of the final cave after losing the last arkadki, and in the final result to nothing, deprived of even the possibility of pride, - then the ancient Empire coming to you.

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Super Solvers: Challenge of the Ancient Empires!

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