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Super Ski III

Super Ski III was launched by Microïds in the year 1994 which was loved by all old and young. It’s an interesting DOS game and can be played online by clicking here.

Super Ski III description

The third and last game in the series Super ski simulator Ski.

In my opinion, this game was somewhat worse second part (the best) – not least because that is not so diverse and does not carry the "spirit" of the first games in the series. No selection of the region runs from now no – the competition is held only in the French Alps (but the track itself you can choose). Competitions were still six four "canonical" - downhill racing, ski jumping, slalom and giant slalom intact, and bobsled and moguls of the second part has replaced the slalom and giant slalom snowboarding. In all games, except for ski jumping, the third-person.

There are three game modes: practice (must pass all kinds of events consecutively), the battle for the medals (through all games, competing with rivals, and then compare the number of medals obtained), a competition for time or for points (actually the same thing, but without the medals). The slalom courses and the downhill, there are still obstacles such as trees, gates and flags. The choice of the nation of the player left. For competitions on skis and snowboards to choose their models.

Graphics are technically better, there was even a hint of three-dimensionality, but no "winter charm" of the first parts anymore. Verdict – good, sometimes exciting, but probably slightly disappoint fans of the first two games of the series.

Relive your old memories by playing Super Ski III free and online on your browser now.


Super Ski III

Microïds, Tring International plc
3rd-person (Other)