Stunt Island cover
Stunt Island game front cover

Stunt Island

In 1992, a DOS game was released by The Assembly Line. The game was called Stunt Island and belongs to Simulation genre. Play it online by clicking here.

Stunt Island description

Unique simulator – unique not so much gameplay in terms of action, but in terms of what we do.

And we do that participates in a pilot-stuntman in the filming of the Thriller on a tropical island. Every trick necessary to do so (and sometimes it is not easy), if this is not done, the company is making a film, suffer a loss. Then, by the way, it is possible to view the footage and be happy what we have done...

But this, to put it mildly, a curious idea was, in my opinion, slightly spoiled by not the most user-friendly controls and an almost complete absence of built-in help system. Until you understand what to do, take a long time, but it is something just not...

The graphics are very beautiful as all games from the Studio of Walt Disney, but, with all due respect to the Studio, something they at this time are a bit flawed (although, of course, this is just my opinion). The game can be recommended not even to fans of flight simulators, but fans of rare, complex and unusual.

Want to play Stunt Island online now, play it on your browser here.