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Stunt Driver

Remember playing your all-time favorite Stunt Driver which was launched by Action Sixteen in the year 1990? You can now play it online again here.

Stunt Driver description

Famous racing simulator "stunt" races where you have to ride around a variety of more than unusual routes and tracks - unusual in its form (there's actually cascadilla), and the places in which they are located. The first track ("oval") can be considered a kind of "training", then will have a much more difficult – to-drive in spirals to jumping from bridges. The schema of each track you can see before you start in, then you can cool (really cool, because this option is in the game "the powerful") to customize your car (color of the body and type of tyres it is not the end). There is a choice of difficulty levels (three in total).

One of the interesting features of the game, in addition to the complexity and wonderfulness (primarily in terms derived from the drive feelings of extreme), are a built-in track editor, where you can create your route and then ride on it, as well as the ability to record and later review their own races. Finally, the prospect of the review here can be changed directly during the race, watching what is happening ahead and behind us.

Available different game modes – you can ride alone, but you can – and with computer opponents (up to three machines), AI which, admittedly, is quite good, and each of the three opponents (there are only three "kinds") – own particular drive. Rivals can do to clear the road (they can do the same), can happen a serious accident (car damage in the game is).

The game is in first person, the graphics are great (there is a mode of 256 colors!), landscape in concrete in usually are monotonous, but the tracks themselves from each other differ greatly. The game supports multiplayer. Verdict – not the best in this subgenre the race, but still – a fine example of this Old Game.

Wish to enjoy your afternoon playing some classic videogames? Play Stunt Driver online for free here.


Stunt Driver

Racing / Driving, Simulation
Action Sixteen, Spectrum Holobyte, Inc.
Sphere, Inc.
Tricks / Stunts, Vehicle Simulator