Star Lord screenshot #1
Screenshot #1

Star Lord

With many different features and various levels, Star Lord released in 1987 hit the right chords right from the beginning. Play this excellent Arcade game and online now.

Star Lord description

In the galaxy again restless: space lit up again flying to the infinity laser beams, explosions and ships in a chaotic bustle began to be worn in outer space. It is already here. He came here to pick up their planets and destroy their ships. He came here for the glory, greatness and immortality of his name. After the murder, destruction and conquest. The only way to become a true Lord of the Stars.

In the game Star Lord everything begins with a map of the local galaxy in which you must capture all planets and destroy all enemy patrols. Your ship is safely floating in space and waiting for your orders. In addition to the card in this window you can see the condition of your vehicle, into your cash account (credits) and, finally, into your in-game rating.

Buttons SCAN and MISSION you can choose a planet or patrol for winning/attack. Then you have to decide how to move in outer space. Them here exactly two, and both are mini-game:

Hyperspace - a journey through space tunnel. The longer you keep a vehicle in the center of the tunnel, the less you have to spend energy for flying.

Warp - travel to the assigned objectives by overcoming the speed of light. Right here you need to be able to "feel" the keys, not allowing "the crystal" too hard to spin.

As the battle looks in the space? From the beginning of the fight, our ship is surrounded on all sides by enemies, and we can only shoot and maneuver between enemy ships and their projectiles (which can also be destroyed). In space our ship (and the enemy ships) to fly only at the same "height" with the ability to rotate left and right. Also in our vehicle provides an accelerator engine (booster) which you can enable by pressing "down arrow".

Capturing planets is implemented very interesting. To conquer a particular planet, we need to win a few challenge battles that will take place mostly on the planet. In these missions our ship leaps forward towards the enemies, and we can only change its position in the air, thereby uklanja him from the projectiles, enemy ships and ground-based towers/turrets.

Captured on (and already owned by you) planets to buy/sell for money, weapons, energy and power armor, and you can repair your ship. As you might guess, the money you get for defeating enemies and grabs the planets.

Arsenal of weapons in Star Lord is not rich, but for doing missions it is enough:

The laser gun is our main weapon. Destroy the enemy with one shot and do not require any resources. Cheap but cheerful. Unlimited ammo.

Missile weapons - only available in outer space. Missiles are not homing, but due to the large blast radius they are often useful in hot battles in the vast universe.

Zapper - the real doomsday weapon. That thing in the blink of an eye destroys ALL enemies in your field of view. Only available on "planetary" missions.

The graphics are very old, but even now it is clear that the developers did a better job of game design: a journey through space tunnel, overcoming the speed of light, flying over the surface of the planets, a variety of opponents and locations - all this is done at a decent level. No moment in my head flashed the thought that before me on the monitor is some kind of hack.

Shooting, shooting and shooting again - here's how you can describe the battle with the enemies in Star Lord. In fact, the game is a shooting gallery in the outer surroundings, diluted "peaceful" flights between tasks and the ability to buy/sell accessories for our iron horse. But still interesting to play. I wonder though, because the game is not overloaded with overly complex economic/military system.

Simple battles and simple Economics worked in the game - what the doctor ordered for fans of arcade space flying races!

Now, play Star Lord online for free on your browser and make your boring weekend fun and full of entertainment.


Star Lord