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Spy vs. Spy: Arctic Antics

Action game released by First Star Software, Inc. in the year 1988 by the name Spy vs. Spy: Arctic Antics is an excellent Side view perspective game that can be played online by clicking on the link here.

Spy vs. Spy: Arctic Antics description

The third part is quite mysterious (to me) game series uncertain genre – alas, the only one that came out on PC, so to understand something was very problematic. Not too smart a decision of the publishers, by the way - to release only the last part...

The essence of the game: the two spies – "Black" and "White" - appeared on the island in the Arctic and want to kill each other, which suit each other in different points. Why, for what, what they share and how they got there is unclear.

Play objectively difficult, after the n-th number of time units in the game it remains a sense of dissatisfaction with the information (and the envy of owners of other platforms who understand probably what it is) that in no way does not mean that the game is bad, of course. But still- "the Amateur".

Play your all-time favorite Spy vs. Spy: Arctic Antics free on your browser here.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

Spy vs. Spy: Arctic Antics

Action, Strategy/Tactics
First Star Software, Inc., Softgold Computerspiele GmbH
First Star Software, Inc.
Side view