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Action game released by Image Works in the year 1988 by the name Speedball is an excellent Top-down perspective game that can be played online by clicking on the link here.

Speedball description

Famous sporting action from the youth of the authors of the great Z.

So distant future. Simple American football is not interesting, so play our polukordiene propagatory in Speedball, a brutal, brutal sport with a ball. Five players from each side - four of the field and a goalkeeper compete with a simple task to push the ball in to the opposing team at ANY cost. Even if it costs rivals some of the limbs.

From many competitors dilogy Speedball is characterized by the following simple factors: the wildest rhythm game, which can be compared only to that of the video creations from Technos Corp. from the Kunio Kun, the fact that the PC is almost the first game in this genre -- and, of course, the signature style of Bitmap Brothers, which is characterized by familiar to us by Z and Chaos Engine angle and graphic style and crazy black humor.

Themselves arena simple as two pennies - enclosed space, the walls of which perfectly bounces like a ball and players. Some parts of the arena can be used to distort the trajectory of the ball - various obywateli and tunnels just waiting to be given to send the ball in an unpredictable direction - or to confuse the enemy. From time to time in the arena also generated different bonuses, ranging from a simple lacelock for players and ending money at the command checkout, which in addition to working with staff can also be used for bribing judges...

Summary. Game legend, the game starts. Not only glorious novels, but the legendary agrocompany. Well, in some way, and the genre is also separate findings that games are being successfully used in the FIFA series from EA Games so far.

Relive your old memories by playing Speedball free and online on your browser now.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com


Action, Sports
Image Works, Spotlight Software
Bitmap Brothers, The