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With many different features and various levels, Special Forces released in 1992 hit the right chords right from the beginning. Play this excellent Action game and online now.

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The game, which is a hybrid of the arcade with the top view and the strategy, the action takes place in the same Universe as the game Airborne Ranger, the formal continuation (!) which it is.

The action takes place many years after the Second world war. Under your leadership has been brave guys from American special forces, who are to carry out mission impossible in various parts of the world and conditions.

The game, as mentioned above. The game takes place in real time, you can control each individual soldier (fortunately they are few), any order may be given as to one and all. Among the actions will be as pure an arcade (for example, dashing runs into enemy territory and make it a bloody meat grinder in the spirit of Gauntlet and or Time Bandit, as well as planting bombs in the enemy's bunkers, which still have time to pop up) and purely strategic (e.g., post laser targeting or to mark objects for air attack).

It is important to note the exceptional variety of missions. There are only sixteen, but they are quite different from each other. There is a mission in Antarctica and in the tropical jungle. There are day and night (!) mission and night are particularly beautiful, executed in dark-green style (this is due to the fact that the way you see the world your subordinates, looking around with night-vision equipment), opponents, too, are different – from terrorists to drug traffickers.

Each mission can take up to four soldiers (total always eight), and notice – each of them has its own specialization, which should be considered after reading the instructions in the briefing. By the way, Special Forces is the game where briefings can not miss in any case: often it can lead to banal and extremely hurtful loss. Because for each mission you need to pick their own gear for their fighters, and it should be done also in accordance with the detachment assigned to the task. And if, for example, says that you need to blow something up, it is necessary to take a bomb, but if you will not take with him, the mission will still start, but go through it will be impossible. It should also be noted that the amount of information in the briefings is inversely proportional to the difficulty level of the game: the last of the above, the first less, so that may be very, very tight. The game is available for General map of the future mission, but it helps, unfortunately, not very much.

In the game by accident or on purpose there is evil: enemies have the ability to revive ("respawn"), while the ammunition from the soldiers end (so it's still a tactical strategy game, not arcade). However, there is a nice moment: somehow remembered, a soldier from the squad has done most of his exploits during the mission, and if he survives it, he will be awarded a medal, which greatly enhance the morale of the squad (and the spirit of the fighters here are also an important feature).

The graphics are great (but not amazing, because the tactical strategies even at that time she was never conditional). Let the map all the small, but clear and kind of... cute. And only window of choice for those who will go to the next mission - it's all shiny, a real animated picture!

The game was criticized for excessive complexity and imbalance – perhaps this is partly true. But to play it as hard as it is interesting: after all, the enemy special forces always has a numerical advantage, but the strength of the special forces in their professionalism, patience and unity of actions. The AI fighters here at a very good level, and can only hope that fans of tactical strategy will hold for this wonderful game many pleasant hours.

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Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

Special Forces

Action, Strategy/Tactics
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