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Click here, to play the famous game Sorcerer Lord developed by Personal Software Services in the year 1988 and enjoy! Remember do not get nostalgic!

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This step-by-step strategy is the PC-version of the same game published in 1987 for the Spectrum and Amstrad, and in the next few years, ported to a number of platforms. It belongs to the large group of old games of all genres, which, being extremely simple in its essence, however, present to the player a huge variety of features, and are of great interest, which contribute to the remarkable atmosphere and - not least - the complexity (by the way, for overcoming this difficulty have to do my best and in the end discover something new in the game). This is a game with surprising depth. To tell you a little about them because of the above simplicity, but you can play them for hours.

The game takes place in the country of Galador, which began the invasion of the army of the Dark Lord, consisting of created monsters (very much like orcs) and led them enslaved people. The purpose of the invasion - the destruction Galanskov Union (seven United in the face of common threats kingdoms: the people - the people of the plains, the highlanders, barbarians and elves) and the seizure of the whole country, then the fate of all its inhabitants, no doubt, will be very unenviable. Army Galanskov Union headed by you - the Master-the Sorcerer (Sorcerer Lord), in whose honour, in fact, named game. The possibilities of the game there, as well as specific scenarios - there is only one campaign, but depending on your actions every time it can be completely different. Also, there are no economy and diplomacy - there is only the military area but it is made very interesting and thoughtful, and, perhaps, even better that you can concentrate only on it.

Your position as Commander in chief is complicated by the fact that in addition to the huge numerical superiority of the army of the Dark Lord has such a powerful superiority, as the suddenness of the attack, and therefore in the beginning (the first move always makes the enemy) with her enter the battle only two gulanowski troops who immediately killed in an unequal battle. After this, the rulers of the nearest to the area of invasion of the borderland collected his troops, and from that moment you begin to manage on their own. Because of Gelanor is a fantasy analogue of the middle Ages, it is no such thing as a "mobilization plan" is not even exist in nature, and more - not even the military... as a result of this disgrace you, personally, need to mobilize across the country. To do this in each fortress to send one of his commanders, so he lifted her ruler along with his subordinates that the troops to protect Galanga; otherwise they will fall into line only when the next enemy appears, which would mean the almost inevitable destruction of monsters. Therefore, although strategy you can of course use any, but - given that ALL your forces will be under the banner around the time, when the enemy approach the walls of the capital, - better for the time to avoid decisive battles, retreat and, if possible, to apply the tactics of guerrilla warfare. And how to do it - there are many options. To recruit new troops in the game can not: you (and your opponent) have only those that are already in service and those that are still asleep - well, guards have been posted in the fortresses.

In the fighting troops engaged being arranged in groups, each headed by its own commander; in a single battle both sides can participate any number of units. Commanders have two indicators - the power of magic and leadership, the soldiers of each of the seven kingdoms also have their own characteristics (the highlanders fight better and move faster in the mountains, elves are better in forests, and so on); in addition, each unit - especially after the battles and marches of the accelerated - growing fatigue, which is very apparent in battle; the two types of troops - infantry and cavalry, their national identity and, as a consequence, the features visible on behalf of the military commander in charge of the squad. The battles themselves uncontrollable and occur at the end of each of the parties to: take into account the number of troops, their special abilities, and the commanders use magic (also automatically), and then determined the outcome of the battle. Magical abilities affect the outcome of the battle, perhaps even more military (and it is not accidental that at the highest military post set Wizard), so it is necessary to consider not only the number of troops, but without exception, all data.

The aim of the game is to repel the attack hordes of the Dark Lord and prevent the seizure, first, capital Galanga, secondly, ALL the FORTS (except the capital), and thirdly, ALL of the Rune Rings - special buildings on the map, built by someone unknown and has no value except to bring you even more troubles. If none of these unfortunate events happens, you win, otherwise... otherwise you will see a sad inscription, which says it all: "Not heard more laughter in the vast Galanga". It should be noted that all the strategic features and takes into account the computer opponent, which operates quite effectively: he could easily stop the offensive of the main forces, if their path you've collected a large army, and instead focus efforts on the capture of the last Rune Ring; and on your many troops or a fortress with a large garrison, he will attack only when will have great chances of success, or when he had no choice. By the way, you can hold the offensive, but since the duration of the campaign is limited by number of moves (the higher the difficulty level, the less they), and your troops - if they can destroy a field army of the enemy - will be extremely battered and exhausted, all of the fortress of the Dark Lord to take barely work, but some of them - completely. In the end the game, although its tactical part and is made in the form of uncontrolled battle is (besides other advantages) and still a great simulator of a strategist, which, acting in a harsh environment and to deploy the army to protect key installations and to defeat the invading enemy. Here are the elements of a wargame, not in terms of detail of military operations, namely in terms of global strategic thinking.

Yes, of course, this game is kind of typical for his time, the late 1980s, and now many will probably be difficult to get the hang of fairly simple (although quite decent) graphics, somewhat unusual keyboard controls, not very dynamic gameplay, need a lot of thinking, finally. However, in order to play this exciting and interesting strategic game and study it, all this is worth it.

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Sorcerer Lord

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