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Slater and Charley Go Camping

Remember playing your all-time favorite Slater and Charley Go Camping which was launched by Sierra On-Line, Inc. in the year 1993? You can now play it online again here.

Slater and Charley Go Camping description

Back in 1990 from under the wing are already known then the Sierra came out cute puzzle Oil's Well, where in the scenes between levels were a blue dinosaur named Slater. The character is so amusing and clearly deserve to make your own journey, which happened three years later. It is fair to note that published at the time of the first game from the series Living Books by Brøderbund Software clearly influenced the choice Serovskij developers and became the starting point for genre content Slater and Charley Go Camping. This game even in small things like a "living book", but how is imitation helped her is a moot point. But let's briefly forget about the intricacies of politics and gaming corporations will learn the story of what happened with Slater.

The life of dinosaurs is a tedious thing, which sometimes requires exhausting work and quality rest. Slater, determined to escape from worries invited his friend Charlie on a hike, because there is such a huge unexplored world, and curiosity in dinosaurs - and even more! So, with heavy packs at the ready friends conquered mountain peaks, crossed the plains, finally reaching the first overnight stop, was faced with a huge difficulty – to set up the tent. Remembering all the saints and the great theropods of the Diplodocus, friends coped with a folding housing and went to inspect the area.

There is no sense to retell in detail what can cause laserowy curiosity and perseverance, but two days and two nights spent away from home, Slater and Charlie will remember forever. What is the blue dinosaur trying to use a ball instead of a beehive, Or fishing, about which you can write a book "Like a fish caught Slater". Or a rock sitting on his own, unable to endure the loud echo! In short, the friends achieved the desired: all worldly concerns have faded into the background, but the next exit to the outdoors will be limited to the rear yard.

As mentioned above, the game Slater and Charley Go Camping is the kind of "living books" and like a decent copycat, they took the best: charming appearance, a lot of animating objects on the locations, spoken text and nice music. Somewhat confused by the fact that each page have no more than two sentences and a minimum of plot the animation until the player clicks on the characters, voiced in the text of the action will happen. Can also upset the absence of any mini-games that turn young players into young viewers. However, interactive cartoon is also good.

In General, if we ignore the comparison with the great mastermind, Slater and Charley Go Camping is quite a nice book, a Paradise for lovers of the dinosaurs (on the pages you can find them literally around every stone!) and exciting way of learning English. Collect backpacks, let's go for a hike?

Relive your old memories by playing Slater and Charley Go Camping free and online on your browser now.


Slater and Charley Go Camping

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