Robot Odyssey Title screen
Title screen

Robot Odyssey

Play Robot Odyssey, a very interesting Adventure game, developed by The Learning Co. in the year 1985 online on your browser right now.

Robot Odyssey description

A rare example of "Svirstroy", so to speak, learning games for kids, which is very difficult to attribute to a specific genre. However, the "puzzle" here is, perhaps, still the most.

The worst thing in this game is the story and you will tell about it in the beginning, white letters on a black screen. "You fell into an underground city of robots, it is necessary to escape, you have helpers" - that's the General sense of what you will learn. Who is your hero, that for a city of robots, why are we there failed and why it should run is unknown.

Assistants you really have – three robots, which have to solve a lot of puzzles to reach the exit of the underground city. Only here to play it somehow... painful. Game in any case can not be called boring, no, some puzzles cause much strain the brain, and the graphics, though many seem terrible, but someone will remind you of happy (obviously, if I recall) childhood, but still I wouldn't recommend to bring children to this game: may be trite to overwork. But curious adults might even enjoy it...

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Robot Odyssey

Adventure, Educational, Puzzle
Learning Co., The
Learning Co., The